How we work


Our group works with agile methodologies and that is a methodology that involves the customer as much as possible, thus obtaining a high reactivity to his requests.


relations and communication between the actors of a software project are the best resource of the project


it is more important to have working software than documentation (we try to release new versions of the software at frequent intervals, keeping the code simple, clean and technically advanced)


you need to be ready to respond to changes rather than adhere to the initial project

We listen


Really understanding what our customers are doing and what their real goals are is the first step in every project. It may seem trivial, but there are many companies that do not value this aspect, neglecting it.

come lavoriamo - ascoltiamo
come lavoriamo - analizziamo

We analyze


Before proceeding with any activity, we dedicate time to explore the reference market, understand how it communicates or which software uses the competition and what are the needs of the people we are going to to intercept. Then we prepare an analysis and a targeted strategic plan, selecting the right mix of the most suitable tools to achieve your goals.

We design and develop


Of course each project is different from the other and, in each of them, whether it is an application or a site, we try to propose solutions that are not only effective but also emotional and engaging.
During the development phase, with more or less regular steps, we share the intermediate results with the customer to verify that we are on the right path

come lavoriamo - progettiamo e analizziamo
come lavoriamo - testiamo

We test


The last step coincides with the testing where any problems before go live are highlighted and solved. Once validated and tested the project is ready to go online.

We publish


Finally we go online! Once the development and testing activities have been completed, and after having chosen and prepared the most suitable technological infrastructure to host the site or application, we agree with the client the definitive launch on the web.It is the moment of truth , delicate and uplifting, which pays for weeks or months of work spent developing the project. But it is only the beginning of a new phase, because our digital ecosystem is constantly and rapidly evolving

come lavoriamo - pubblichiamo
come lavoriamo - monitoriamo e manteniamo

We maintain


Once online, it’s time to keep everything under control and check the results and performance. This not only helps us to understand if a project really works but to “adjust the shot”, or to further refine the communication strategy implemented, propose new features or activities and achieve even more effective and efficient results.
Over time, new needs inevitably arise and our software has always been able to grow and evolve with the needs of the customer.

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