Have you ever thought to organize your media files in categories directly from your WordPress Frontend? Well, we got you covered!!
We decided to develop a robust and easy to use extension of the well known plugin “WordPress Real Media Library” by Matthias Günter.
While “WordPress Real Media Library” allows the creation of categories and files through the Admin of the Webiste, this add-on shows the category tree with the associated media files directly in any of your Website page. All done in a very easy way!

Why do you need this plugin? Well, when you have to organize documents/media to share with the users of your website or intranet website, and allow them to work directly from the front-end, this add-on is what you are looking for.

Add, organize, browse and search through your documents from the front-end, without providing access to the backend

Link: https://www.inode.it/en/fe-rml/